Brief Insight Into Geo-Forensics


  • Abhinav Salgunan Student


Locard's Exchange Principle, Sherlock Holmes, Geo-Forensics, Forensic science , Forensic Geologists


Every contact leaves a trace” is Locard's exchange principle, given by none other than Dr.Edmond Locard or famously known as sherlock holmes of France in 1929. Whenever a crime happens, there must be the presence of evidence in a variety of ways. We need a platform, an infrastructure to unearth these evidence and to examine them, which can be later helpful for the law enforcement agencies to map out what might have happened, that is Forensic science. Forensic science is a vast and enormous subject, whereupon it becomes obvious that it will have a lot of subfields and one of them is Geo-Forensics.

It’s one of the unexplored domains of forensic science. Geo means earth's surface so from the name itself it is fairly easy to decipher what is geo forensics? When geology is applied in legal matters. The experts who study this field and do the execution part of it are called forensic geologists. What they do can be the next question, they collect, analyzes the earthly materials, and check whether it’s associated with the given crime or not, materials include dried leaves, soil, stones, etc. To help the law enforcement agencies, forensic geologist brings their best.


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Abhinav Salgunan, Student

Abhinav Salgunan has completed his Bachelor’s in Forensic Science and Criminology. He has published several articles. He loves to listen to ghazals, play cricket, and is a huge fan of superhero movies. He also writes poems and short stories. He likes to read young adult fiction and fantasy books.

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