Custodial Death of India–Need for an Anti-Torture Law


  • Manisha Varsani Forensic Psychologist


Custodial Death, Anti-Torture Law


A death in custody is a death of a person in the custody of the police. Custodial violence is a dark reality in our democratic country governed by the rule of law. They systematically violate their powers and employ torture as part of their investigation process but the poor, the deprived classes, women & political activists are the worst victims of police brutality.

The huge pendency of cases in Indian courts of law and mention the prevalence of 3rd degree as an accepted form of custodial torture in India. This is sad but that true reality of our country. The police officer during interrogation fewer oral questions than more stick techniques used it.


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Manisha Varsani, Forensic Psychologist

Manisha Varsani has completed B.Sc. in chemistry from Kutch University and M.Sc. FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY from Gujarat Forensic Science University Gandhinagar, Gujarat. She has 8 months of experience as an adolescent counsellor and now she is currently, working as a Forensic Psychologist as an independent researcher. She has been participated in many seminars, international conferences & webinars related to Forensic Science, Psychology, and Criminology. International conferences publish research papers on Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation. One-week virtual training on crime scene investigation.


Custodial death & judicial response in India chapter 9 book





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