Emerging Field of Facial Micro-Expression as a Forensic Context


  • Manisha Varsani Forensic Psychologist


Interview, Forensic Investigative, Victims, Witnesses, Suspects, Facial Micro Expression


Interviewing is an important aspect of the forensic investigative process. If I defined it as an “Investigative interviewing is the questioning of victims, witnesses & suspects (interviewee) to obtain complete, accurate and reliable information to discover the truth about the matter under investigation”. The Law enforcement officers could not detect deception under those particular circumstances, or some political pressure or emotional situations they did not detect deception. The identification of the detection the untruth and spreading the misinformation to law enforcement. Therefore, the expert forensic psychologist of the particular field of body language and identifying with the human behavior is the significant role to play in investigating interview. The deep knowledge about the facial and bodily movement, how to hide something or when a person lies what`s the facial and physiological changes on face and what is the micro expression on face and behavior, how to body responded. Effective detection of deception can save enormous amounts of time by enabling the investigator to avoid going to court to testify as solve a crime simply by developing reasonable evidence and a trial usually follows. Thus, some facts on the research information below on the investigation interview of the interesting analysis on behavior and facial micro expression.


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Author Biography

Manisha Varsani, Forensic Psychologist

Manisha Varsani has completed B.Sc. in Chemistry from Kutch University and M.Sc. FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY from Gujarat Forensic Science University Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

She has 8 months of experience as an adolescent counsellor and now she is currently, working as an Independent researcher and “Tutor” on Indian Forensic Students Council in Forensic Psychology and Investigative Techniques.

She has been participated in many seminars, international conferences, quizzes & webinars related to Forensic Science, Psychology, and Criminology. International conferences publish research papers on Forensic Science & Criminal Investigation. One-week virtual training on crime scene investigation and forensic psychology course.

She has completed 3 months internship in Crime Free Bharat mission as an “Intern” Forensic Science and Digital Forensics. She have certification courses on SWAYAM related to Forensic, Crime and Psychology.


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